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Welcome back to GLAM Vegan, your source for vegan meals and foods. We've been one of the best vegan restaurants in Miami, FL for years and now its time to give back and provide our expert opinions so you can live a healthy life.

Green Living Animals Matter (GLAM Vegan)

Start living the vegan lifestyle and stop talking about it! BE GLAM by eating healthy with some of the best direct-to-consumer produce and meal delivery brands in today's market. Feel great with vegan wellness and beauty products You're in for a real treat!

Vegan Subjects Covered

We cover many vegan topics that might be useful for your vegan journey. If you are new to being vegan or just exploring veganism, we recommend starting with the articles from Vegan Basics, like Reasons to go Vegan, Keeping a Healthy Vegan Diet, and Ingredients to include in a healthy vegan meal.

  • The New York Times
  • Peta
  • Spoon University
  • VegNews
  • One Green Planet
  • And Much More!

We Eat & Live Vegan With You!

There's so much out there on what is vegan and what isn't. We're here to provide information to help you make the difficult decisions. If you're asking if a particular food is vegan, come here to get your answer!

Our experts in the plant-based field will also research, purchase and eat plant-based vegan meal delivery services. This helps you save time and money. Let us do the taste testing and bring it to your doorstep!

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We Feature The Best Vegan Brands!

Without question, GLAM Vegan has been one of the best vegan restaurants in Miami, FL. That's exactly how we were featured in BIG publications across the world! But now we're on a new journey – to give all the plant-based lovers and healthy eaters GLAM's perspective on the best vegan meal delivery services by reviewing and comparing (vs) each vegan meal delivery brand.

GLAM Vegan Videos

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