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Trifecta Vegan Meals Review: Are They Any Good?

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Are you having trouble finding a meatless meal service that meets your needs? You're not alone. While plenty of services offer healthy and organic options, few appeal fully to a non-paleo palate.

Trifecta promises to fix that. As you probably already know from digging around on your own, Trifecta is a vegan meal delivery service offering prepared vegan meals. However, you may still be wondering if vegans can trust Trifecta to offer tasty, healthy meals that are fully vegan. In this review, we're going to cover why Trifecta is an option to consider if you're struggling with the following:

  • You're looking for a well-planned, convenient and realistic way to eat vegan food because you're considering becoming a vegan.
  • While you want to commit to being vegan, you don't know where to start with working consistent vegan meals into your life.
  • You're a long-time vegan. However, you worry that your busy schedule is making it hard to get the vitamins, minerals, and protein you need to sustain this lifestyle in a healthy way.
  • While the vegan lifestyle is for you, the extra time and care it takes to shop, plan and prepare is making things hard!
  • You're the only vegan in the household! You need help creating your own meal plan without relying on others to shop or cook based on your needs.
  • You're simply too busy to keep up with any kind of healthy eating on your own.

Can you relate? It's time to find out how Trifecta can help solve these common vegan problems. Let's do the deep dive with a Trifecta vegan meals review before you try it out!

But First, Are Trifecta’s Meals Vegan?

Plenty of vegans have been burned by meal companies that promise tons of vegan options. In reality, those meal services cater to people seeking lean protein from fish and meat. They throw in some “obligatory” quinoa dishes with broccoli that you honestly could have made at home for much cheaper. What about the Trifecta meal delivery service?

Is Trifecta really the promised land of vegan meal services for people who don't want their meals plated up in a place that's serving up mostly meat dishes? Yes, Trifecta vegan really is a fully vegan meal delivery service. That means that vegan customers aren't just afterthoughts! You can feel free to browse the complete menu (and meal plans) without having to scan for things you can actually eat. Trifecta gives you the same feeling as walking into a vegan restaurant! Nothing on the brand's vegan menu is off-limits if you don't consume animal products!

trifecta vegan meals and menu
On their website (this image), you can choose vegan breakfast, lunch and dinner meals from their menu. They're really stepping their game up.

You may have been looking for clarification about the true “vegan-ness” of Trifecta prepared meal delivery services because the Trifecta Nutrition company isn't a vegan company. Trifecta actually offers separate meal delivery services for Clean, Keto, Paleo, Vegan and Vegetarian eating. However, Trifecta's vegan meal delivery service is its “own animal” that doesn't require you to sift through a big menu that encompasses all of the other branches of the company. In other words, this isn't just a meal delivery service that happens to offer some vegan options. Trifecta has cultivated a vegan program and a vegan meal plan.

What Is Trifecta Food Delivery

trifecta nutrition vegan meals delivery box
After I ordered, it came super fast. I live in FL and it's the summertime… all I have to say is WOW! The food actually stayed cool – that doesn't happen with other meal deliveries that I've used.

Let's back up just a bit now that we know that Trifecta really is a vegan delivery service. You still might be wondering what there is to know about Trifecta aside from the fact that it's a vegan-safe delivery option. While it's really easy to just categorize Trifecta as “that vegan food service” when comparing it to other options, the truth is that Trifecta offers many unique benefits. The company isn't just concerned with making sure customers have vegan options. Trifecta crafts its meals to offer nutritional balance for satisfaction and healthy living. Here's a look at the five tenets of Trifecta's menu:

  • No Hassles: Trifecta plans your meals, shops, and cooks!
  • High-Protein Vegan Meals: Trifecta works hard to pack each menu option with plant-based protein. In fact, the company promises that each prepared meal has around 15 grams of protein.
  • Nutrient-Dense Vegan Food: Again, Trifecta isn't just checking off boxes by loading your plate with vegetables. Meals are planned for vitamin-rich, high-protein nutrition. Dishes offered by the company are packed with veggies, fruits, tubers, nuts, seeds, grains, and legumes. Trifecta ensures “substance” in its meals by offering things like dairy alternatives and plant-based meats.
  • Calorie Control: Meals are balanced for fitness! Trifecta's well-balanced meals are designed to give you fuel while keeping calories in a zone that's amenable to losing body fat.
  • Eco-Friendly Eating: If you became vegan because you were concerned about the impact of your food choices on the environment, Trifecta can make you feel good about your eating habits because its vegan choices are compatible with environmentally friendly eating. In fact, pursuing a vegan lifestyle using Trifecta's meals can help you to reduce your carbon emissions by 40 percent when compared to the average non-vegan American.

All of Trifecta's meals are made with fully organic ingredients! Next, meals are prepared by nutrition-trained chefs. As you may know, this is so important for vegans because every bite counts when you're trying to get the vitamins and minerals needed for health using plant-based eating.

Trifecta vs Other Healthy Meal Delivery Brands

We've compared Trifecta vs their competition a lot here at GLAM Vegan (see Trifecta vs Factor_) and we rated them #2 for the best vegan meal delivery services of 2021, right behind Splendid Spoon (strictly vegan). However, I'm seriously considering moving those two around after trying both brands' vegan meals, so don't be surprised if you go and visit that page to see Trifecta (vegan) ahead of Splendid Spoon. Here's a comparison table to show you why they're the best, then we'll “dig in” to their vegan meals.

Key NotesTrifectaGreen ChefPurple CarrotDaily HarvestSun Basket
Organic Ingredients
Grass Fed
Great for Athletes
Free Shipping to All 50 States
Fresh Prepared Meals
Community App + Support
Trifecta vs Other Healthy Meal Delivery Brands Comparison Table

Overview of Trifecta’s Vegan Meals

trifecta pre-packaged vegan meals out of box
Here's a sneak peek at what the meals look like, pre-packaged, right out of the box!

The hard truth about any food delivery service is that all the convenience in the world won't matter if you don't enjoy the flavors on the menu. Will you like Trifecta's vegan selection? “Mouthwatering” is really the only way to describe the selection Trifecta has put together. While the menu is updated weekly to provide variety, the general vibe of offering hearty, complete meals that mix tried-and-true staples with vivacious culinary surprises is consistent. According to Trifecta, this is the nutritional breakdown of most of the company's meals:

Total Fat14g
Trans Fat0g
Total Carbohydrate34g
Trifecta meal nutritional breakdown table
vegan meal nutrition facts from trifecta
Here are the nutrition facts from one of my vegan meals.

If you're wondering what a day of eating with Trifecta might look like, the company uses a breakfast item like its Oatmeal Walnut Bake made with oats, mixed berries, and walnuts as an example. Lunch might be a garlic pasta dish with cherry tomatoes that are made with rice noodles. For dinner, fill up on roasted quinoa served with Brussels sprouts and a tangy sauce.


  • So easy to get started! Once you take a quick quiz that rules out some foods you don't ever want to see on your menu, Trifecta takes care of the rest.
  • Balanced meals that help you stay full.
  • Zero prep time for you! This isn't an option like HelloFresh where you need to put the ingredients together. Everything arrives ready to eat.
  • The menu changes every week to provide variety!
  • The meals are generally very flavorful.


  • Customers don't get to choose their own menus. While you can specify preferences, Trifecta develops its own menus. You don't get to pick your specific meals.
  • Portions can be a little on the small side.
  • While you can edit your subscription online, you have to make a call to speak with someone if you want to cancel it.

How Does Trifecta Vegan Meal Delivery Service Work?

trifecta VEG packaging - plant based chicken
It's easy to order online, but here's how it all works!

Customers start by taking a survey. In addition to helping Trifecta discover what you like, this helps the company to eliminate foods that you can't have in your diet from your meal plan. Next, you sign up for a weekly subscription that will get your meals delivered right to your door. You get to control how many meals you want to be delivered per week. If you need to skip a week, slow down your subscription or switch to biweekly deliveries, Trifecta lets you do it easily. Trifecta customers can choose food for a five-day week or a seven-day week. The options include breakfast, lunch, dinner, and “bonus” entrées.

Where Does Trifecta Deliver?

Trifecta delivers everywhere! Yes, Trifecta really does offer free delivery to all 50 states. That includes Hawaii and Alaska! While the default is weekly delivery, you can opt to have a delivery every two weeks, every three weeks, or once a month. If you'll be going out of town, Trifecta needs a week's notice to pause your delivery.

trifecta delivery box in Florida (free shipping)
My box arrived quickly and it's free delivery, which doesn't happen with most brands like Trifecta. In addition, the box is recyclable and has very efficient packaging: +1 for the environment!

How Much Does Trifecta Vegan Meals Cost?

Like all meal delivery services, Trifecta's price really depends on how frequently you order meals. Trifecta's meals work out to be about $15 per serving. If you're going for a seven-day week, that means you're paying just over $100 a box. Keep in mind that you don't have to factor shipping into the cost of every meal like you do with many other meal delivery services that don't offer free shipping.

cost of vegan meals by trifecta
I paid about $15 per serving for each of my meals and I didn't have to cook, prep, or clean up. Pretty easy IMO.

Is Trifecta Vegan Meals Worth the Money?

If you're struggling to keep on track with vegan eating, Trifecta is going to be worth the money. This is a case where you may end up feeling like you're overpaying for some of the meals that aren't quite as “fancy” as the company's superstar meals. However, the truth is that someone eating at a vegan restaurant several nights per week wouldn't necessarily be able to go any cheaper. Even someone who is pretty consistent with vegan cooking at home might find that the lunches fill in the gaps for getting proper nutrition if you're busy at work during the day.

vegan meals by trifecta worth price tag

Are Trifecta Vegan Meals Good for Weight Loss?

Generally, Trifecta vegan meals are designed to give you an optimal number of calories for shedding weight. Keep in mind that eating with Trifecta isn't a substitute for working with a dietician. What's more, Trifecta can't control what you eat “beyond” your subscription. However, using Trifecta can potentially be a great tool for losing weight if you stick to this delivery service for your three meals of the day.

Trifecta formulates its meals to offer the highest concentration of nutrition for the number of calories that you're getting. As any vegan knows, it can be easy to fall into the trap of eating “junk food” or “empty calories” to fill up simply because foods happen to be vegan. Making a plan with Trifecta can potentially help you to avoid “desperation” eating.

trifecta vegan weight loss meal recommendation
The Herb roasted potatoes with green beans and plant-based chicken kept me full for a long time, which helped me not eat anything else – this would be my recommendation for a weight loss meal from trifecta vegan meals.

Real Trifecta Vegan Meals Customer Reviews

Trifecta only manages to pull in three stars out of five stars on Yelp. However, many independent reviewers and online magazines skew closer to five stars when giving reviews. Most Yelp reviewers who aren't totally satisfied repeat the same two complaints.

The first is that they want a little more variety from the menu. The second is that trying to cancel a subscription can be confusing. We covered a little earlier in the review that Trifecta is really good about letting you alter your subscription online. However, the company does make you actually place a call to speak with a representative to cancel your subscription.

The reviewers giving Trifecta high scores praise the ease of using this service to enjoy tasty vegan meals. Many also appreciate that customer service was really helpful when assisting with setting up new deliveries to ensure that food is getting to the right place.

glam vegan's review of trifecta vegan meals
I absolutely loved the Herb Roasted Potatoes With Green Beans and Plant-Based Chicken! SO GOOD!

Let's take a look at what a few real customers are saying:

The food quality is outstanding compared to other meal delivery services I've tried. I can get nutritious food and stick to my vegan diet/lifestyle, thanks to trifecta meal plans. I love the pre-cooked meals because it saves me tons of time plus they're better than my own meals (I'm a terrible cook). It feels good to be eating healthy again.” – Michael N.

“It's not easy to find prepared meals that are delicious + nutritious. I've ordered from a different organic meal delivery service and most Trifecta meals (I'm talking vegan here) are much better.” – Rachel W.

I tried the vegan meal plan, which I like to call the Trifecta Nutrition meals, and it's very comparable to other plant-based + organic food delivery services I've tried – and I try these ALL the time. I love sweet potatoes and brown rice. I also like a little spiciness to my food and I can (honestly) say that the Chipotle Veggies With Black Beans was my favorite meal + it has 15g of lean proteins, and 40g of carbs (they're all low-carb meals TBH), only 15g of fat, and gluten-free. Overall – great experience.” – Alexa D.

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heating instructions and ingredients for FAQs
Trifecta Vegan Meal Nutrition Facts

Is Trifecta Really Organic?

Yes, all Trifecta meals are prepared using fully organic, non-GMO ingredients. The company also avoids all preservatives and artificial ingredients.

Are Trifecta Vegan Meals Expensive?

While Trifecta isn't a budget delivery service, it can be a cost-effective option for someone struggling to make vegan meals at home. The average Trifecta meal costs $15. Trifecta requires you to commit to a minimum of seven meals a week.

Can You Freeze Trifecta Meals?

Yes! Arriving in vacuum-sealed packaging, each Trifecta vegan meal can stay in the freezer for up to three months. Meals are meant to stay in the fridge for up to 10 days. To reheat Trifecta meals, use a stove burner, oven, fryer, or microwave after removing your food from the packaging.

Is It Easy to Cancel Trifecta?

While you can change or pause your Trifecta subscription easily online, you'll need to call the company to speak with a representative over the phone to cancel your subscription. Some customers have complained that the process is more difficult than it should be.

Where is trifecta based?

Trifecta is based out of Sacramento, California. It was founded by California native siblings Greg and Elizabeth Connoll. Trifecta ships to all 50 states in the United States.

Final Verdict: Are Trifecta Vegan Meals the Real Deal?

trifecta vegan meals on kitchen counter good
They were all good, every single meal… great brand that's constantly improving and I believe they'll always have us (vegans) in mind! Thanks, Trifecta!

Vegans are used to living with the fact that it's hard to get perfect meal options. While Trifecta vegan meals are still in the process of working out some kinks, it's definitely worth trying if you're struggling to stay on track with balanced, satisfying vegan meals. Trifecta meals are going to ensure that you're getting your caloric intake balanced with your nutritional needs without the need to constantly reach for “filler” foods just because they happen to be on the vegan-approved list.

Trifecta could stand to improve its selection by simply offering more options. In addition, having the option to build your own menu instead of getting stuck with whatever Trifecta decides is on the menu for the week would make the experience better. However, Trifecta generally does a good job of creating crowd-pleasing meals that you're going to like. Let's not forget that this is one of the only meal delivery services to offer free shipping to all 50 states!

The bottom line? Every vegan looking for meal delivery should try Trifecta for a week. The company constantly puts out coupon offers for new subscribers that will help you save up to 40 percent on your order. While Trifecta isn't perfection, it brings you many more bites closer to vegan bliss than other delivery services.

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