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GLAMnetics Lashes Review: Safety, Effectiveness, Are They Vegan?

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All my GLAM-Vegan friends enjoy a good set of lash extensions or false eyelashes. They boost your natural set of lashes and also give your eyes a much-needed definition without telltale flakes and clumps. But, we do not always have the time to go schedule a lash appointment. Many people are not professionals when dealing with the false lash and glue combo. If you are looking for a better and more convenient alternative to traditional lashes, magnetic lashes are an ideal choice.

Like DIY lashes, magnetic lashes stick to your lashes to give your eyes a more dramatic look, but without adhesive. Instead, they use tiny magnets. There are two main types of magnetic lashes available on the market. There are those that you fix onto your natural lashes using magnetic eyeliner. Others cling together after applying them above and below your natural lashes. Regardless of the type of magnetic lash, they are less messy, faster, and more convenient to use than traditional falsies.

Glamnetic eyelashes are a top eyelash brand that is taking over the eyelash market. In this article, we will look at a detailed review of Glamnetic lashes and determine if they are worth your money.

glamnetic hollywood lashes
Mondolid (top left), Hooded (top right), Round (bottom Left) and Almond (bottom right)

Safety First, Do Magnetic Lashes Ruin Your Real Lashes?

Generally, magnetic lashes are a safe option for your real lashes and eye health. Thanks to the low amount of electromagnetic frequency emitted from the lash magnets, the risk associated with them are low.

Likewise, ensure that you buy your magnetic lashes from an approved U.S vendor. Such stores only sell FDA-approved products. This means all eyelashes, extensions, and associated glues must meet the organization’s criteria for cosmetics.

Many people have experienced irritations and allergic reactions from using traditional lash glues. The good thing is that magnetic lashes do not need the use of these glues. But, it is possible to get irritations or allergic reactions from them if not used well.

Like other eyelash enhancement products, the removal of magnetic lashes can result in the loss of some of your real lashes. Often, this occurs when using the lashes that snap together after placing them on your natural lashes. Such lashes can cause your real ones to grow in the wrong direction or result in traction alopecia. Thus, it is best to wear such lashes less frequently to avoid damaging your real lashes and stressing your hair follicle.

The Glamnetic Brand: Who Are They?

GLAMnetic logo and brand
Anything GLAM fits here at GLAM Vegan!

Los Angeles Based entrepreneur and artist, Ann McFerran, founded Glamnetic in 2019. It is a popular and multi-million brand with over 50 styles of magnetic eyelashes for men and women. Its lash products are easier to apply and stronger than traditional false lashes.

The brand is passionate about creating and providing innovative and sustainable beauty products. They commit to making beauty routines easier, more fun, and more accessible for their customers. Recently, Glamnetic has branched out to offer its customers other beauty accessories. Such as beauty tools and nail products.

Over the years, the brand has gained tons of attention with almost 50K Facebook followers and 263k Instagram followers. Also, reputable publications, like Forbes, have put the limelight on the CEO. Because of her unique problem-solving, innovative, and opportunistic approach to beauty products. Without further ado, let us look at the brand’s bestsellers, what their customers think, and whether you should give them a try or not.

They have a list of best sellers on their website, which includes a wide variety of beauty items. My favorite? Their lashes! Let's get into more detail as to why.

Overview of Glamnetic Lashes

glamnetic lashes on beauty table
LOVING my GLAMnetic lashes!

Anne McFerran, the Glamnetic CEO, always felt embarrassed of her thin lashes while she was growing up. Like Anne, many people experienced difficulty during the false lash application, false lash removal, and use of glue. As a result, she was determined to find an easier, less messy, and more efficient way of wearing false lashes.

In 2019, she launched the Glamnetic eyelash brand that offers more than 50 styles of magnetic eyelashes and is reusable for up to 40 years. All the products are top-quality, cruelty-free, and FDA-approved. They are also available in distinct shapes and styles to meet the desires and needs of every customer. Additionally, each set of Glamnetic eyelashes comes with a magnetic storage casing and six magnets to attach the lashes.

Are Glamnetic Lashes Vegan?

woman using glamnetic vegan lashes
We only cover brands that help us live a GLAM Vegan lifestyle! GLAMnetic has an entire line of vegan beauty products and they make it a great shopping experience.

If you prefer vegan eyelashes, Glamnetic lashes have a separate variety of products made from synthetic fibers. It is also worth noting that the brand’s nail products are vegan-friendly. The nail glue has polymethyl methacrylate and ethyl cyanoacrylate.

Furthermore, Glamnetic lashes are 100% cruelty-free. The lashes are made from mink, which is harvested only after the mink sheds. The lashes also do not contain any toxic substances. But consist of the same safe ingredients found in mascara and other top-quality eyeliners. They also do not have any parabens or heavy metals.

The magnetic eyeliner and lashes meet their magnetic property from their high concentration of iron oxide. Which is an FDA-approved and safe eye cosmetic ingredient. As a result, Glamnetic lashes and liners are a healthier alternative to beautiful eyelash extensions.

We love answering, “Is it vegan?” to help our readers know before buying.

Glamnetic Magnetic Lashes Review

about to use fake eyelashes (magnetic) by GLAMnetic
Before I use mine, I always set them up and see which ones I want. There are seriously so many to choose from. #GLAM

Thanks to its ease of application and convenience, more and more women and men are making the switch to magnetic eyelashes. Not only are they weatherproof and completely safe to use, but they are also affordable and available in a variety of unique styles.

Glamnetic magnetic lashes are available in different widths, lengths, and thicknesses. So they are perfect for giving the user their desired look. Made from either faux or real mink, these lashes require magnetic eyeliner. Which is sold separately, for effective and long-lasting application.

Let us look at some of the most popular lash styles from this premium magnetic eyelash brand. You never know, you might find yourself wanting to try out one of these remarkable products.

Glamnetic Vegan Magnetic Lashes Review

using vegan lashes by glamnetic

Glamnetic is one of the top brands that offer a variety of high-quality vegan-friendly beauty products. Many of their customers can attest to the premium quality of their vegan magnetic lashes. They are lightweight and contain the soft and natural feel of mink without any animal involvement.

Check out teh V-Gan Volume Collection – this collection features all-vegan lashes (magnetic) and a liquid magnetic eyeliner.

Glamnetic faux mink magnetic lashes consist of top-quality synthetic fiber. Which makes them feel and look like other magnetic lashes. Not only are they available in over 30 different styles to suit every occasion, but they are also super easy to apply and provide a natural look to complement any makeup look.

As a result of the wide variety of Glamnetic Vegan Magnetic Lashes available, the brand provides a lash guide to help customers choose the perfect set. The guide classifies the lashes according to length, style, and shape to make it easier for customers to choose an ideal option. There are also clear images to show you exactly how they look. Besides, if it is still hard to choose one set of vegan magnetic lashes, you can buy the Glamnetic vegan magnetic lash kits. It is a straightforward process, and cheap, and some of them come with magnetic eyeliner, making them suitable for first-time users.

Glamnetic Viral Lash Review

using glamnetic's viral lashes
See the variations in the image above on the Viral line of lashes by GLAMnetic.

Made from premium quality synthetic fibers, Glamnetic

Viral Lashes give you a glamorous girl-next-door look. They are not too much but still give that flirty Marilyn Monroe look. These medium-fluffy lashes come with alternating fibers. Ranging from 10mm to 15mm, medium length, and a round shape to provide the ultimate seductive look.

The Viral Lashes from Glamnetic consist of high-quality and vegan-friendly synthetic fiber. They are cruelty-free and have the same dimensions, softness, and curl as lashes made from real mink. It is also worth noting that these lashes are trimmable, enabling users to customize them to fit their eye width. Additionally, the set does not come with magnetic eyeliner as it is sold separately.

Like other Glamnetic eyelashes, the Viral Lash comes with six magnets and a magnetic storage case. One set of the Lash is available for $30, while a set of three is available at the discounted price of $76.50. (Initial price was $90).

Glamnetic Lucky Lash Review

using glamnetic lucky lashes

If you are looking for vegan magnetic eyelashes that will give you a feminine cat-eye look, the Glamnetic Lucky Lash is an ideal choice. These lashes are glamorous but still maintain a natural look. They boost the volume of your real lashes without distorting the au-natural look. Making them an excellent addition to your daily makeup wear. However, many customers prefer wearing these lashes to complement a subtle even-friendly style.

Made from vegan-friendly faux mink, Lucky Lash has a long range of 12-13mm and comes pre-cut, meaning they are ready to wear. These cruel-free lashes have a bandwidth of 2.9cm and come with a high-quality and durable magnetic case for storage and safe-keeping. A set of Lucky Lash goes for $30 while a 3-pack set goes for a discounted price of $76.50 (originally $90).

Glamnetic Livin' Lash Review

using glamnetic livin' lashes

Glamnetic Livin’ Lash is the most natural-looking magnetic lashes from the brand. They contain 100% real mink and feature a round shape to boost the fullness of the already natural and beautiful lashes you have. Thus, they are wispy, light, and boost your everyday makeup looks or a bare-faced/ minimal makeup day.

With a length of 11mm, all these lashes are perfect for living. They are waterproof, windproof, and sweatproof, meaning you can wear them in the morning and go about your errands without a worry in the world. They can withstand almost everything that life throws at them.

Furthermore, Livin’ Lash can last for a long time without any need for re-application. If you care for them well, you can wear these lashes at least 60 times. Since there is no glue to grease up the lash band, all you need to do is fix the lashes onto your eyelids. Then clean off the magnetic eyeliner (sold separately) after every wear. However, make sure that you trim these lashes to fit your eye width. One set of Livin’ Lash goes for $30 while a 3-pack set goes for $76.50 (originally priced at $87).

Glamnetic Lashes Customer Reviews: What Are Users Saying?

According to Reddit, users have given reports of excellent customer service for Glamnetic. Customers say that the lashes are easy to apply, look flawless, and complement all makeup styles, including during bare face days. Customers new to magnetic lashes and the lash scene, in general, have reported a learning curve. However, most Reddit users love Glamnetic magnetic lashes.

So, some Reddit users describe some of the Glamnetic lash styles as too big and fake-looking to boost their natural lashes. However, this is only a matter of preference and is not objective. Other users stated that the magnetic liner does not work well or for a long time.

When we reviewed Glamnetic Magnetic Lashes on Amazon, we found that the reviewers are fans. Customers report that the lashes are simple to use, convenient, durable, reliable, and strong. Below is how various Glamnetic Lash styles were rated on Amazon.

• Glamnetic Lucky Star Magnetic Lashes: 4/5 star ratings out of 96 reviews

• Glamnetic VIP Magnetic Lashes: 3.7/5 star rating out of 59 reviews

• Glamnetic Virgo Magnetic Lashes: 3.9/5 star rating out of 84 reviews

On Trust pilot, Glamnetic has 3.7/5 stars out of 287 reviews. The reviews on this platform differ as 44% and others rated Glamnetic as average or great while 48% rated it as excellent. Unhappy customers reported issues with contacting customer service and shipping. While happy customers cited quick responses from the brand and top-quality lash products.

Also, we went to the Better Business Bureau to see how Glamnetic performed there. Unfortunately, the brand got an F rating on this platform, with an average of 1.5/5 star rating out of 34 reviews. It is vital to note that companies get a poor rating on the Better Business Bureau for leaving buyer complaints unresolved.

So, Are Glamnetic Lashes Worth It?

If you're someone who values pretty eyelashes and want to enhance your beauty so that it makes you feel good, then GLAMnetic lashes are 100% worth it. They are constantly improving their products and are growing as a legit beauty brand that accommodates a vegan lifestyle (along with others). For under $100, you can purchase some really nice kits / bundles that GLAMnetic offers (like the hello kitty below), or stock up on lashes (some are as low as $29.99) and liners (as low as $37.99). GLAMnetic also runs promos all the time and you can always find a deal that's #worthit. All you have to do is choose your lash and liner to get started.

glamnetic lashes worth it
If you're someone who wants to enhance your beauty at a reasonable price point, glamnetic lashes are 100% worth it.

Based on our research, we have found that these magnetic lashes have mixed reviews as some customers like or dislike the lashes. There were also differing comments about the accessibility and efficiency of the brand’s customer service. However, most customers agree on the durability, premium quality, and easy-to-apply nature of Glamnetic lashes.

Their customer service has been improving BIG TIME recently – I think it's due to the fact that they are growing as a brand and they have more funds to hire a better team.

Glamnetic's lashes come in a variety of styles to give the user a wide array of different looks. So, check the reviews on their website and see if one is worth it for you over another. There are so many to choose from.


How Long Do Glamnetic Lashes Stay On?

Generally, although Glamnetic magnetic lashes are reusable several times. But the number of times you can put them on depends on several factors. Such factors include materials used to create the lashes, their length, thickness, is the ability to take care of them after removal. In general, real mink lashes last longer than those made from synthetic mink.

Glamnetic magnetic lashes can last up to 10 hours, almost the entire day. They contain six tiny high-quality magnets and a thin lash band for optimum comfort. Thus, if you want to wear these lashes every day, you can wear them for over a month.

However, wear them and treat them well to use them for the longest time possible. Likewise, you should also use the correct type of magnetic eyeliner to prolong its longevity. Glamnetic magnetic eyeliner lasts for up to 90 applications.

Is Glamnetic FDA approved?

Glamnetic uses FDA-approved ingredients, including iron oxide. All their products are free of parabens, and color additives, and have no heavy metals. As a result, Glamnetic products are safe for use around the eyes, unlike traditional false lash glue. It is also worth noting that the magnetic eyeliner used to apply the lashes does not contain harmful substances. Which may irritate your eye, like traditional lash glue.

Are Glamnetic lashes mink?

Glamnetic lashes consist of either faux or real mink hairs. The brand offers a variety of separate vegan-friendly eyelashes made from premium quality synthetic fibers. These faux minx lashes look and feel like real mink eyelashes. They are also quite fluffy, and lightweight, and give an ultra-natural appearance.

Glamnetic also offers a variety of 100% real mink eyelashes made without harming any animals. The brand obtains the real mink hairs from minks once they shed. As a result, the lashes are soft, wispy, and very light.

Is Glamnetic Cruelty-free?

One of the advantages of buying Glamnetic magnetic lashes is that they are cruelty-free beauty products. No animals were harmed during the manufacture of these products. The vegan magnetic lashes come from high-quality synthetic fibers (faux mink). While the 100% real mink lashes come from minks that shed their hair naturally. Additionally, the brand does not add any noxious substances to the products. They use the same safe ingredients used in other FDA-approved beauty products.

How many times can you use Glamnetic lashes?

If you put on and carefully take off the Glamnetic magnetic lashes, it is possible to use them up to 40-60 times. However, you have to ensure that the lash magnets are clean after every use. Then store them in the separate magnetic storage case that comes with the lashes.

How do you put on Glamnetic lashes?

According to Glamnetic, steps for applying their magnetic lashes include:

1. Ensure that the lashes fit your eye width perfectly

2. Carefully spread the magnetic liner across the lash line

3. Wait for the lashes to get sticky

4. Fix and press the lashes against your eyelid and make sure that there is a connection

5. To remove the lashes, gently peel them off from any corner and clean your skin with an oil-based makeup remover

Final Verdict: Are Glamnetic Lashes Worth The Money?

If you are looking to try out magnetic lashes, we recommend Glamnetic magnetic lashes. They are premium quality, convenient, durable, strong, sturdy, and easy to apply (especially if you're someone who uses liquid liner) once you master how to use magnetic eyeliner. The brand offers a wide array of lash styles and beauty products to give you the perfect eye look, no matter the occasion.

However, Glamnetic magnetic eyelashes are quite an investment, but it is worth it because you can use them up to 40 times. The lashes are also safe to use, meaning you are less likely to get an allergic reaction from using them.

Be GLAMnetic beautiful eyelashes
“Be Magnetic, #BeGLAMnetic” It's a cute phrase and all, but TBH that didn't sell me. What sold me was how the brand has evolved over the years and they are on the rise – big things coming for sure.

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