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Top Vegan Prenatal Vitamins: An Expert’s Top Picks for 2024

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Welcome to my best vegan prenatal vitamins article!

Vegan prenatal vitamins foster healthy growth for mothers and their unborn babies. Companies make vegan prenatal vitamins from 100% natural ingredients, but you do not need to be vegan to explore the option of vegan vitamins. Taking them is a great option for expecting mothers and women trying to become pregnant.

Prenatal vitamins are critical during pregnancy because the nutrients contribute to the baby’s bone, tooth, and brain development. According to Mayo Clinic, prenatal vitamins are critical to prenatal development. Prenatal vitamins have folic acid, great for maintaining the neural tubes and preventing severe defects.

We cover many of the great vegan products here at GLAM Vegan, including a very similar topic – the best vegan multivitamins where we continue to add amazing vegan brands that are really out there to help us all out.

As a pregnant woman or an interested member of the parenting or vegan community, you must learn to understand why vegan prenatal vitamins are so helpful to the development of the fetus. First, you can recognize what to look for in vegan prenatal vitamins like folic acid and iron. Furthermore, identifying key brands like Future Kind, 1st Phorm, and Ova Moon can help you stay safe as you transcend from womanhood into motherhood.

Vegan Prenatal Vitamin ProductMade in USAAvg. RatingBest for
Future Kind Prenatal Vitamin✔️4.6/5 (9 reviews)Vegan-only supplements
1st Phorm Prenatal Plus✔️4.9/5 (102 reviews)Highest quality ingredients
Ova Moon Prenatal Vitamin✔️5/5 (2 reviews)Fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum vitamin in 1
iwi Prenatal✔️4.8/5 (17 reviews)Also, need Omega 3's in diet
Mary Ruth’s Prenatal Liquid Multivitamin✔️4/5 (163 reviews)Liquid form
Best Vegan Prenatal Vitamins
summary of best prenatal multivitamis vitamins for vegans

What To Look For In A Vegan Prenatal Vitamin

Vegan prenatal vitamins should be healthy, organic, and safe for pregnant women to consume. The most important ingredients in vegan prenatal vitamins are folic acid and iron. The critical increase in folic acid during pregnancy contributes to the baby’s spinal cord and brain development. Iron contributes to your blood supply and oxygen, helping develop the placenta and fetus.

Pregnant women must increase their intake of nutrients and minerals overall. In addition to folic acid and iron, there are plenty of other vitamins and natural ingredients you should look for in a vegan prenatal vitamin.

what to look for vegan prenatal vitamins

Things to look for in vegan prenatal vitamins include:

  • Folic acid
  • Iron 
  • Calcium
  • vitamin C
  • vitamin E
  • Iodine
  • Vitamin A
  • Zinc 

A mother’s nutritional requirements essentially double during pregnancy for many of her daily needs. Therefore, it is important to take prenatal vitamins as directed during conception and through breastfeeding (if you choose to do so). Find vegan prenatal vitamins with 100% organic ingredients.

Reputable Sourced Ingredients

A good vegan prenatal vitamin brand will get ingredients from reputable sources. All ingredients should come from ethical sources, with workers treated humanely by their employers. Reputable sources are partners with a positive track record with a history of supporting veganism and humane practices.

You should only trust brands that provide the public with clear descriptions of the entire production process from start to finish.


Invest your time and resources into vegan-friendly companies. These brands will offer the highest quality vitamins. Even if you are not vegan, finding vegan prenatal vitamins will deliver the most nutrients with the least interference. Vegan vitamins focus on delivering nutrients directly without excess chemicals or substances.

As people discover the secret behind natural health, veganism in the prenatal vitamin community becomes more accessible. People are becoming more health-conscious, and medical brands are becoming more concerned with meeting these demands. Similar to brand transparency, leading medical professionals must divulge all information in their products before being approved for FDA testing.

Safety: 3rd Party Tested

Always look for brands that guarantee safety through rigorous third-party testing. Thirty-party testing of prenatal vitamins guarantees they are safe for you and your baby. Most third-party testing facilities will initiate several inspections over one batch of products to ensure they are consistent if consumed. Safety is optimal while pregnant because consuming something that has not been third-party tested can be potentially lethal to you or your baby.

If they do not undergo inspection and testing by third parties, there are no restrictions on ingredients. A lack of restrictions means they could include anything desirable in their product even if it is unsafe for human consumption. Furthermore, there is no testing to ensure it is safe for you and your baby. Opt for a reliable brand that can guarantee safety through thirty-party approval.

Transparent Brand

Choose a vegan-friendly prenatal vitamin that is radically transparent about all ingredients and raw materials in its products. When consuming a prenatal vitamin, you should know all ingredients and every step of its production process.

Maintaining transparency with consumers is critical for knowing what you will consume. When a company fails to list what is in their prenatal vitamins, it could mean they are not FDA-approved. In that case, expecting women trying to get pregnant cannot trust their brand.

Furthermore, a vegan prenatal vitamin brand should provide information about their employee standards and working conditions in addition to the ingredients information. Complete transparency guarantees that the consumer (or general public, etc.) knows what occurs from beginning to end of production.

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The 5 Best Prenatal Vitamins for Vegans (And why we chose them)

If you are looking at the many vegan vitamins on the market, you might be feeling overwhelmed. Luckily, there are many options on the market to choose from, so the options are not thin.

Vegan companies formulate their prenatal vitamins to support the mother as she carries her baby from conception through breastfeeding. They are designed with the mother and child’s health in mind, acknowledging the importance of building strong bones and mental strength. If women do not consume enough nutrients or minerals during pregnancy, they risk birthing an underdeveloped baby.

Whether you are a doctor, a woman, or someone curious about veganism, you should know a few vegan prenatal brands. There are five brands below that deliver high-quality, vegan vitamins for pregnant, nursing, or women looking to conceive. According to research, you should take prenatal vitamins before, during, and after having your baby to encourage positive growth and development for you and your baby.

#1: Future Kind Vegan Prenatal Vitamin

future kind best prenatal vitamin - vegan brand

The Future Kind Prenatal Vitamin is an essential vitamin with iron and folate. It supports overall strong health for the mother and prevents pregnancy side effects like nausea, which can be debilitating. Organic herbs like ginger and peppermint are incorporated in the Future Kind formula to eliminate these troublesome pregnancy side effects so you can continue living your life. 


Future Kind prenatal vitamins are vegan vitamins made from 22 vitamins, minerals, and herbs. It is a unique brand with many benefits, such as its low price point. Future Kind is cheaper than its competitors. At less than $30 a bottle, you will not have to break into your savings to ensure that your baby has a great start to their life.

The exclusive Future Kind formula includes nausea-reducing herbs like ginger and peppermint powder. It also supports the mother’s overall health with many positive vitamins and minerals to support better health. 


Unlike many other prenatal vitamins, you must take the Future Kind prenatal vitamins three times daily. While this is only once more per day, you might forget, and it can send your body out of balance if you miss a dose. 

#2: 1st Phorm Prenatal Plus

1st phorm prenatal plus top prenatal vitamin

1st Phorm Prenatal Plus is a revolutionary vegan prenatal vitamin that supports natal development. The blend of minerals and nutrients inside this vitamin contains every essential nutrient necessary for healthy growth. Additionally, 1st Phorm prenatal vitamins are highly beneficial to you as the mother, providing many necessary minerals to support the increased daily demand.


Folic acid and iron are two of the most important ingredients in 1st Phorm Plus, focusing on creating a formula that develops a strong nervous system. Additionally, the mixture ensures the proper formation of the hemoglobin, which allows the mother to deliver white blood cells and oxygen to her baby.

Taking a prenatal vitamin like 1st Phorm Plus is the best way to form a healthy spine and brain because of the nutrients and minerals.


The 1st Phorm Plus is relatively expensive, which can be inconvenient if you want to save money. If you take too many 1st Phorm Plus vitamins, you can create an imbalance in your system. There are a lot of minerals in these vitamins, and therefore you must maintain a careful balance as advised on the label.

#3: Ova Moon Prenatal

Ova Moon prenatal vitamin excellent

Ova Moon Prenatal Multivitamins are prenatal vitamins designed to help the mother through every stage of pregnancy. Each vitamin has the necessary minerals needed to aid conception, provide nutrients during pregnancy, and assist in recovery postpartum. According to Ova Moon, their prenatal multivitamin is a fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum vitamin combined into a single pill.

Ova Moon is a certified organic and vegan brand, getting its raw materials from reputable sources and remaining entirely transparent about its production process. Their website explicitly displays all minerals and ingredients used in their prenatal vitamins. 


There are many critical active ingredients in Ova Moon, including folate, iron, biotin, and much more, which are essential to the proper development of the placenta and the fetus as it develops. 


This prenatal vitamin comes in small capsules, advised to be taken three times per day with food. Unfortunately, this can be intolerable for some people who find taking pills three times a day inconvenient.

#4: iwi Almega®PL Prenatal Multivitamin

iwi top prenatal multivitamin for vegans

The iwi Almega®PL Prenatal Multivitamin is a plant-based, Omega-3 prenatal vitamin that supports better health for you and your baby. It is a great multivitamin for pregnant women because of the many beneficial ingredients which support proper development.

Iwi makes the plant-based prenatal vitamin from Almega®PL, iwi’s proprietary form of algae that has a 50% better absorption than fish, krill, or other algae oils. 


Taking this daily prenatal multivitamin has many benefits for the mother and child, supporting the brain, heart, immunity, and bones. By taking the iwi Almega®PL Prenatal Multivitamin, you encourage better nutrition for you and your baby. The methyl folate and vitamin D3 formula encourage your baby’s cognitive and bone development. 

All ingredients are disclosed, ensuring no harmful additives, metals, or contaminants in iwi prenatal multivitamins. They are also gluten-free and cruelty-free, so you better your health and lessen your environmental impact.


Unfortunately, the popularity of iwi Almega®PL prenatal vitamins means they can be difficult to acquire. There are only a few drawbacks to taking the helpful Prenatal Multivitamins, like the strange smell some pregnant women claim these supplements have. The price point is also high, at $34 a bottle and only fifteen days’ worth of vitamins. 

#5: Mary Ruth’s Prenatal Liquid Vegan Multivitamin

Mary Ruth's best Prenatal vitamin for vegans

Mary Ruth Prenatal Liquid Multivitamin is a daily vitamin that supports the growth and development of newborn babies. As a vegan product, this liquid multivitamin supports many diets and includes all dietary lifestyles. This liquid supplement is sugar-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free. Mary Ruth’s Prenatal Liquid Multivitamin contains no artificial sweeteners.


Mary Ruth’s makes their liquid multivitamin with non-genetically modified ingredients and all-natural flavors. Formulated for women at every stage of pregnancy, they have the health of the mother and baby as a priority.

The liquid multivitamin tastes like natural berries, and you may consume it alone or mix it into a drink or smoothie. There are many beneficial nutrients in this liquid multivitamin, including folic acid, which helps strengthen the neural tube.


Since Mary Ruth’s Prenatal Liquid Multivitamin is high quality, it can be expensive. Luckily, there is a relatively large quantity in these thirty-two-ounce jars, which last slightly longer than some other brands. However, it is a liquid vitamin, so you must drink it. Drinking your daily vitamins can be abnormal for some people. Whereas other people really enjoy drinking their fruity vitamin drink instead of forcing down pills.

Who Should Consider Vegan Prenatal Vitamins?

who vegan prenatal vitamins are for

Everyone should try vegan prenatal vitamins if they are pregnant or considering becoming pregnant. Even if you are not vegan, taking a vegan prenatal vitamin can encourage healthier growth in your baby. Vegan prenatal vitamins prioritize your baby’s cognitive and physical development by providing natural supplements.

Vegan prenatal vitamins are highly beneficial for mothers because of the many wonderful nutrients they give to the miracles growing inside their wombs. Women require many additional nutrients and minerals during pregnancy since their fetuses demand most of what they consume.


Vegan prenatal vitamins are great for your health and your baby’s development. They contain the nutrients you need to support your baby’s proper physical and mental growth. Additionally, it assists your development through pregnancy. Many companies recommend taking prenatal vitamins while trying to conceive in addition to taking them while pregnant. Many people suggest taking vitamins while breastfeeding to continue initiating important development.

All third-party approved vegan prenatal vitamins are cruelty-free. When you use vegan prenatal vitamins, you know the company did not test them on animals. Vegan prenatal vitamins focus on healthy fetus and mother health while also emphasizing the importance of limiting impact on the environment. The minimal impact is one of the many things about vegan prenatal vitamins that sets a future pattern for other companies and encourages the positive treatment of animals in the medicine industry.

You encourage an eco-friendly shift by purchasing from transparent suppliers. If you purchase from a supplier or company that is transparent with their vegan practices, you encourage others to follow their eco-friendly lead. Suppliers must shift toward veganism and transparency because of the high demand from buyers. Pay close attention, and you will notice name brands beginning to produce their vegan versions of things.

Are There Any Potential Side Effects?

Most potential side effects from prenatal vitamins occur because you are taking too much or too little of the specific vitamin or mineral. Some women accidentally consume too many prenatal vitamins, thinking it will positively impact their babies. Doing this only negatively impacts their child. In contrast, some women do not take prenatal vitamins while pregnant, leading to severe birth deficiencies.

It is important to find prenatal vitamins that have been FDA-approved. If you take an unapproved vitamin, you increase your potential for poisoning, premature birth, or more.

Final Thoughts

Vegan prenatal vitamins are a great supplement for any woman looking to conceive or pregnant already. They give you the necessary folic acid and iron required and an array of other nutrients required to support a baby’s growth. By taking these supplements, you directly support your baby’s growth and prioritize your health.

When searching for the perfect vegan prenatal vitamins, remember to find a vitamin that contains folic acid and iron. These are two of the most important ingredients in prenatal vitamins because of their contribution to brain and bone development. Luckily, the market for prenatal vitamins has grown substantially, so finding these vitamins has become less difficult over the years.

Natural, vegan vitamins are readily accessible to pregnant women. However, you must always guarantee third parties have approved them, so you know they are safe for consumption. Third parties like the FDA will investigate whether the vitamins meet safety standards. Otherwise, a vitamin that does not undergo inspections can contain harmful ingredients, or you can be advised to take them in excess, harming your baby’s development significantly.

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