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Splendid Spoon Reset Review: What Is It and Is It Worth It?

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Looking for a healthier and less strenuous way to improve your eating habits or clean up your diet? Have you ever imagined maintaining healthier eating habits while eating clean at the same time?

If you suspect your life could be headed in the wrong direction because of certain seemingly reckless eating habits, it is time to make that turnaround decision. Start thinking of resetting your diet, body, and digestive system for a healthier and happier lifestyle.

A reset diet essentially involves substituting breakfast, lunch, and snacks with soups, smoothies, and juices while still devouring a nutritious dinner at the end of the day. You don't have to strain yourself to starvation if you do it right.

Keep scrolling to learn more about body resets through healthier diets, how a Splendid Spoon Reset works, and why you should definitely try it out. I've covered the reset plan briefly in my splendid spoon review (you can read it here), but this is going much more in-depth for those who want to learn more about it, and if it's worth the money. In another post, I also covered top splendid spoon smoothies as well.

Why Reset Your Body?

Are you caught up in the abyss of indulgent foods and can't seem to let up? With the right steps taken to reset your body, unhealthy eating habits will disappear from your vocabulary without you even realizing it. It is usually the first step toward jumping back on the healthy bandwagon. What's more, you are never too far gone to be salvaged.

There are several effective ways to reset your body including intermittent fasting, adopting plant-based meals, and shunning processed foods altogether. Here is why taking this approach is essential in improving your overall health and wellness.

How does intermittent fasting helps reset your body?

According to research, engaging intermittent fasting in your body reset helps you largely restrict your calorie intake. It is also a great way to boost your HGH, lower your insulin levels, as well as reduce inflammation.

It all begins by limiting the number of hours that you can eat during the day. The most popular intermittent fasting technique is the 16/8 method which involves eating within an 8-hour window each day and fasting for the remaining 16 hours of the day.

How do plant-based meals help reset your body?

Commonly known as Meatless Mondays, disciplining your body to adhere to one plant-based meal every week can go a long way in restoring your healthy lifestyle. Resetting your body on Mondays is a perfect remedy to an indulgent weekend of many unhealthy lapses.

Studies have proven that going meatless promotes not only overall good health but also the planet's health. Consuming a perfect balance of vegetables, beans, nuts, and soy largely minimizes the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and unhealthy weight gain while enhancing your kidney health and providing sufficient daily protein intake.

Furthermore, reducing meat intake helps minimize the emission of greenhouse gases hence lowering the overall carbon footprint.

So, as you skip that beefsteak once a week, you are also doing it for the greater good of your environment.

How does avoiding processed foods help reset your body?

Taking a break from processed foods and indulging in veggies not only means making a healthy decision but also enjoying life's comforts with a sense of moderation. With a nutritious soup reset diet, you can start your journey to a healthy body-food relationship without sacrificing the fun of devouring your favorite meals.

In other words, this body reset diet is all about restoring your balance in the most painless way. A soup reset is always a splendid choice because vegetable sippable soup is high in fiber and low in sugar to ensure you feel fuller with each sip.

What Is Splendid Spoon Reset?

Simply put, Splendid Spoon Reset is a Soup Reset comprising five vegan soups that provide a gentler way to take all your meatless meals perfectly readymade without worrying about a balanced diet. Not sure if you should totally immerse yourself into a new diet plan?

Well, you can start small. Try substituting one meal each day with a plant-based meal. Take advantage of Splendid Spoon's nutritious and tasty soups or smoothies to keep your overall health and that of your environment in top shape at all times.

How Does it Work?

Splendid Spoon Soup Reset is your next best alternative to your daily sugary processed foods that are by the way difficult to digest. These meal plans are carefully and intuitively crafted to assist you to adhere to healthy eating habits with much ease. The plan comes bundled with more than 50 ready-to-eat meals to eliminate the stress of meal planning in your calendar.

All you have to do is, first of all, select a plan and customize your meals accordingly. You could go with a plan that entails breakfast alone, or Breakfast, Lunch + Reset, or Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner + Reset.

Secondly, you get to decide the frequency of receiving your meals. Is it weekly, every other week, or monthly?

Lastly, Splendid Spoon prepares your weekly meal plan and all that's left of you is to sip or spoon their readymade delectable plant-based meals.

What Can You Expect After Trying It?

Depending on the meal plan you choose and your dietary needs, the outcomes may vary over time. All the meals are vegan, low in sugar and sodium, as well as gluten-free. Splendid Spoon's bottom line is to make healthy eating easier and more accessible.

The meals particularly the Breakfast + Lunch + Reset plan help nourish your eating habits and you can expect to drop some weight. Sticking to this plan translates to more intake of plant-based fiber-rich meals and less intake of processed foods, animal proteins, and inflammatory dairy products.

Meal Plans and Costs With Reset Program

When you subscribe to the Splendid Spoon Reset program, this is what you can expect to part with:

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner + Reset at $ 185 per week comprising 5 smoothies, 5 grain/soup bowls, 5 noodle bowls, and 5 light soups.
  • Breakfast + Lunch + Reset at $ 135 per week comprising 5 smoothies, 5 grain/soup bowls, and 5 light soups.
  • Breakfast + Lunch at $ 95 per week comprising 5 smoothies and 5 grain/soup bowls.
  • Breakfast at $ 65 per week comprising 5 smoothies.
  • Lunch at $ 65 per week comprising 5 grain/soup bowls.

Note that all the meals are delivered each week and any applicable sales tax will appear at checkout.

How to Get Started

To get started with healthy eating habits, head to Splendid Spoon's official website and click on the red ‘Get Started' button on the top right corner. It will lead you to a new window that lets you choose your meal plan based on your dietary goals and budget.

After selecting your preferred meal plan, you will be prompted to provide your shipping details (i.e. email and zip code) after which you can proceed to check out. You are also allowed to skip or cancel your plan at any time. Checking out gives you access to over 50 meals offered by Splendid Spoon.

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How Do I Feel After My Splendid Spoon Reset? (My Review)

After a warmly resetting encounter with Splendid Spoon Reset, I can now relate to the true definition of a healthy body. The beauty of this program is that I still get to enjoy my champagne and steak on certain days and fully immerse myself in veggies on others.

For me, this is the healthy balance of life I've always sought after. It adds an extra layer of comfort to an already healthy work-life balance.

Ratings and Reviews: What are others saying about it?

Splendid Spoon has become a darling to many as the world increasingly appreciates healthy eating habits.

Many reviewers love what comes with ordering Splendid Spoon meals and recommend it to vegans and people on strict gluten-free diets. They also recommend meal plans to people with high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes.

According to Eliza Savage, a dietitian based in NYC, “A Reset day is a great way to give the body time to rest, digest, and heal. By stepping away from processed foods, or even just your daily go-to's, you'll recalibrate your taste buds, cut cravings, and refocus your health goals.”

So, are you looking to transition to a more plant-based diet easily? You should definitely try Splendid Spoon too!

Is the Splendid Spoon Reset Plan Worth It?

It is your easiest and most affordable way to start cleaning your diet with plant-based soups, smoothies, and grain bowls rich in nutrients without sacrificing your appetite, taste buds, or comfort. What's more, you can even enjoy these healthy meals on the go.

If your schedule is ever packed, this program helps you eat healthy while keeping your productivity up all day long. Moreover, the rich fiber content in the meals comes with endless benefits that you couldn't get any other way. Other than lowering your cholesterol and blood sugar levels, a Splendid Spoon Reset Plan also helps you live longer.

Sometimes the best gift you can receive is being kinder to yourself by embracing healthy eating. That's exactly what a Splendid Spoon Reset program affords you.

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