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Nutrisystem Vegetarian Review: Your Healthy Weight Loss Solution?

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Nutrisystem is quickly becoming the industry-wide solution for healthy meals that provide longevity through safe storage while also allowing low-calorie options to its customers. This system is excellent as a way to enjoy your food without having to keep a constant awareness of their nutritional intake.

Among a multitude of options available to its customers, a vegetarian option is available that avoids health concerning foods such as processed sugar and meat-based foods. The closest vegetarian meal plan delivery service we covered was when we wrote the Sprinly review – an amazing brand to say the least! And if you'd like to know what is the best meal delivery service we have an article on that too.

With this article, I will outline the potential benefits and negatives of this new diet product sweeping the nation.

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TL;DR: Rating The Vegetarian Plan By Nutrisystem

Overall, if you're looking for a weight loss plan that's 100% vegetarian, Nutrisystem Vegetarian Plan could be the perfect fit for you. The meat-free menu options are excellent and the food is delicious. In addition, their 90+ vegetarian meals and snacks to choose from make Nutrisystem a great choice for a weight loss vegetarian plan.

Here at GLAM Vegan, we take the time to thoroughly test each meal delivery brand. Here are the quick facts and our ratings on each of them.

Nutrisystem Vegetarian plan reviewsGLAM Vegan rating Nutrisystem Vegetarian plan
Vegetarian meal plan:9.8 / 10
Weight loss:9.9 / 10
Food selection:9.7 / 10
Chef's choice:9.9 / 10
Menu choices:9.6 / 10
Price:9.5 / 10
Breakfast:9.6 / 10
Lunch:9.7 / 10
Dinner:9.9 / 10
Overall Rating:9.8 / 10
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Nutrisystem Facts and Rating Table
vegetarian plan by nutrisystem review
With so many choices and a great reputation for weight loss, any vegetarian should seriously consider this meal plan.

Nutrisystem Vegetarian Plan Reviewed for 2021: What is it?

One of the multiple potential claims made by this company is that a large amount of weight loss can occur quickly. For example, 18 pounds is a specific number given in many of their promotional materials.

Nutrisystem vegetarian services as a sort of food delivery service, which provides customers with a plethora of healthy food options over a month. These meals are prepackaged and delivered straight to your door.

The Nutrisystem vegetarian plan features meals and snacks that are free of meat, but they may include dairy products, eggs, or animal-based additives.

Eggs, dairy, and other additives are added to the meals though. This may not be an issue if this coincides with your specific diet. Yet, it could cause health-related issues down the road.

Nutrisystem vegetarian contains many options, more than 90 in total. These options include:

  • Asian style noodles
  • Cinnamon Bagels
  • White Cheddar Popcorn
breakfast lunch and dinner menu

How The Nutrisystem Vegetarian Plan Works

Throughout the course of your Nutrisystem vegetarian experience, you will be expected to consume about 6 small meals over the time of a month-long period. The nutritional value of these meals is already calculated by the company to ensure you are meeting specific caloric and nutrition goals.

Do not be fooled though, many of these meals are notably delicious. This is also coupled with the knowledge that the food you are consuming is packed with nutrients such as protein and fiber, and not oozing with uneasy calories.

Nutrisystem Vegetarian examples may include a tofu scramble with kale and mozzarella cheese or hummus with carrots and celery.

Mac and Cheese, tofu deliciously scrambled into veggies, or dipping fresh veggies into a creamy ranch are some of the best options available desiring a convenient and healthy meal.

When the system is properly followed, men will generally consume approximately 1,500 calories a day, and women 1,200 calories. This provides proper nutrition to go about your day without causing a deficiency that may cause harm to the body.

All of the Nutrisystem shakes, snacks, and food will be provided for the first week. This includes all of the previously mentioned spaced-out meals come to 6 in total. This does not even include the additional meals you will receive in the weeks following the initial week.

The best part of all of this plan? If it fails, you are welcome to retry the system until potential results are achieved!

Prices and Costs

One of the biggest concerns regarding meal delivery services such as Nutrisystem is the overall cost. The vegetarian version can range to approximately $300 for women clientele, which in the broader scheme of things rarely averages out to more than $10 in a single day.

For men, the price is slightly higher. Because men typically have higher calorie needs, Nutrisystem sends more food to men. Nutrisystem Vegetarian for men costs about $330, which is approximately $12 per day.

The costs for men will be slightly higher due to their increased caloric intake needs. Men clientele can expect to pay a little upward of $300, but their costs will still average out to be more than $12 for food in a single day. Shake options are also available, adding 28 hefty drinks for only $40 more dollars. This also includes free shipping!

Can You Lose Weight With the Nutrisystem Vegetarian Diet?

Even though the Nutrisystem Vegetarian system has yet to be proven as an effective weight loss solution, the standard Nutrisystem has had results to back it up.

With this said, always take caution when considering research studies in regard to nutrition. The Nutrisystem studies are no different, as many were funded by the company and its employees directly. Unfortunately, many researchers have avoided funding studies that may go against the official medical narrative as well.

One of these studies funded by Nutrisystem compared 78 individuals to official Approaches to Stop Hypertension, otherwise known as the DASH diet. This study aimed to study the effects of weight loss among its participants. When the results were released, they showed that over a 16-week period, both parties had lost a noteworthy amount of weight. In the Nutrisystem test individuals lost 13 pounds (6 kg), while individuals who participated in the DASH diet lost around 4 pounds (1.8 kg) in comparison. The exact nature of these increased weight loss results may not be clear at the moment, it can at minimum be said that Nutrisystem meets the minimums for producing efficient weight loss.

Additional Benefits When Choosing Nutrisystem's Vegetarian Plan

Weight loss is not the sole benefit a customer could receive by utilizing the Nutrisystem vegetarian product offerings. For people with type 2 diabetes, this may be the perfect solution for you.

A study has reviewed that Nutrisystem reduced hemoglobin A1C, which provides insight as to how a person's blood sugar has been fluctuating over the course of multiple months. Their levels dropped a level down 0.3% after utilizing the system for around half a year. Even if the Nutrisystem meal plan option is not specifically to thank for these benefits, it seems clear it provides an alternative to get that A1C down!

With limited food options in some locales of the world, Nutrisystem may also be the key to providing themselves with proper nutrition without the need to tediously prepare their meals or plan what nutrients need to be absorbed in specific parts of the week. This is especially true for vegetarians, as the Nutrisystem Vegetarian plan ensures the food they are consuming meets their specific dietary needs.

Cons of the Nutrisystem Vegetarian Plan

With anything in the world, there are always negatives associated with the positives of a benefit. This remains true even with Nutrisystem.

For some people in the world, Nutrisystem is not ideal for a budget and affordable meal plan. This is especially true for individuals who do not meet their intended goals quickly. If they need to do another cycle of the system, that 12$ a day could add up very quickly. This fact could also be canceled out by considering the benefits of not having to drive to the grocery store, or waste gas, or water quality time with your family.

It should also be noted that the Nutrisystem vegetarian plan is not an ideal plan for people on a vegan diet. Normal and vegetarian diets are currently only available on the plan at the moment, so this means dairy and meat will be included in many of the dishes. Since many of the meals are also delivered, they must be processed to some degree. So even though they may be great from a nutritious standpoint, it would be a good idea to avoid these if your diet involves unprocessed foods.

Even though the Nutrisystem plan is efficient in dietary needs, it may potentially be too restrictive for many customers. Short-term weight loss is apparent, but whether or not a person can properly accustom themselves to it in the long term is yet to be seen. It also depends greatly on a person's circumstances and motivations. For the time being, studies still need to be performed to determine if calorie-deficient diets are realistic in the long term.

Final Thoughts

With the Nutrisystem diet weight loss program drawing in a large array of customers, it now offers a vegetarian option catering to those who avoid meat in their diets. A heavy meat diet has been shown to increase cholesterol along with numerous other health-related issues, but now meal plans like the ones offered in the vegetarian option completely avoid this problem for you plant lovers out there.

Low-calorie snacks, meatless meals, and shakes specifically formed to be low in calories and highly nutritious provide many vegetarians with a convenient option in their fitness journey.

While it appears effective in the short term in regards to weight loss, and the supply of vegetarian options is a welcome addition, the science is still weighing its benefits. A potential customer must keep in mind that these deliverable foods are highly processed, severely deficient in calories, and expensive overall.

For vegetarians, this may be an extremely appealing option considering the wide variety of options and the lack of necessity to plan their meals ahead of time or spend long hours at lines at the supermarket.

Overall though, Nutrisystem is still not backed scientifically due to its extremely restrictive diet plan. While this may be a good option for many in ideal circumstances, this will likely prove a tad more difficult for a consumer who has other responsibilities to manage, such as a heavy workload and a family.

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