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How to Choose Between Trifecta Vs. Freshly Vs. Factor_

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Howdy, it’s the Glam Vegan team again, coming at y'all with another epic meal delivery service match-up. As foodies and lovers of convenience, there’s nothing more exciting than trying, reviewing, and comparing meal delivery services for good old fashion fun (and satisfying my hunger).

In today’s battle royale, we have selected three very popular meal delivery services and lined them up head-to-head-to-head; Trifecta vs Freshly vs. Factor_ (formerly Factor 75). If you’re on Instagram or Facebook (which, who isn’t?), then you’ve likely seen at least one of these services flash across your feed.

While we love knowing that there are plenty of fresh, healthy meal plan options out there, what we don’t love is putting in the elbow grease (and dollar bills) to determine which one is the right choice.

So let’s make things easy. We took these three social media favorites and compared them below. Take a look, ponder a bit, and make the call. Which healthy meal delivery is right for you?

Which Healthy Meal Delivery Is Right For You? Trifecta Vs. Freshly Vs. Factor_

Every meal delivery service has something to offer, but they’re not all going to be right for your dietary preferences, needs, and tastebuds, which is a good thing because you really only need to subscribe to one! And considering I really dislike the monotonous tasks of planning, shopping, prepping, cooking, and cleaning, a reliable meal delivery service is a must. I’m guessing you feel something similar considering you’re here.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture's study, the average American (18 years and over) spends 37 minutes per day preparing, serving, and cleaning up meals. I'd like to officially go on record and testify that I spent 5 minutes preparing and cleaning a Trifecta dinner last night.

So let’s get into our comparison of Freshly, Factor, and Trifecta so that you can find your meal match made in heaven. The table below is going to give us some important information that we’ll need to get started, take a look!

comparing brands tabletrifecta's logofreshly's logofactor_'s logo
Starting Price$11.42/meal$8.49/meal$11/meal
Ready Made Meals✔️✔️✔️
Made for athletes?✔️✔️
Average Calories per meal400-450 cal400-500 cal350-900 cal
Official Websiteshop nowshop now
trifecta vs freshly vs factor_ comparison table

Is Trifecta Worth It?

fit woman with dumbbells and trifecta background
Some people say you can look like this after eating years of Trifecta meals and working out.

Trifecta wants you to eat as you train, so for those who prioritize the gym and working on their physical body, this plan is going to complement your fitness routine really well. We all know that achieving our physical body goals takes a combination of a well-planned exercise routine and a nutrition plan. When you choose Trifecta, you can take all the guesswork out of the nutrition part because they do it all for you.

Trifecta’s science-backed meal plans allow you to take control of your diet without all the planning, shopping, preparing and cooking that can have even the most committed throwing in the towel before long. With a rotating menu and an in-house personal chef, the meals are always delicious, fresh, and bursting with flavor.

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If you’re someone who counts or pays attention to macros, you’ll love that every Trifecta meal is macro-balanced, making it easy to hit your macro goals each day. All of the meats used are 90% lean or greater, so you can feel confident that you’re getting the most protein per calorie.

Where Trifecta really stands apart from Freshly is their inclusive meal plans which include a vegan and vegetarian option – hallelujah! I know all of us vegans just sat up a little straighter there. In my humble, but GLAM opinion, they really give Sprinly and Splendid Spoon a run for their money. But, if you’re looking for an inclusive meal delivery service that’s macro and diet-friendly, Trifecta is the best option.

Meals come delivered fresh to your doorstep each week and are guaranteed to give you results or your money back. With Trifecta’s complete confidence in its meals and its ability to help you reach your goals, it’s clear that this brand is worth your money. I mean, you have nothing to lose!

holding Trifecta food that costs $6 per meal

How Much Does Trifecta Cost?

Trifecta is very affordable, as their chef-prepared meals start at $11.42 per meal, which is less than what you’d pay at a fast food joint. There are a number of plan options to choose from including; vegan, vegetarian, a la carte, keto, paleo, clean, and classic. Depending on which meal plan you choose, your cost will vary. Additionally, you can choose between receiving 5 or 7-day meal plans. 

Once you choose your plan and your delivery frequency, you get to choose which meals you’d like in your box as well as any add-ons you may want. They even have an a la carte menu that allows you to build out your own meals using their freshly prepared ingredients. You can build as many as 21 meals for just $239.99 per week, which is an incredible value.

What was Freshly?

Update: Freshly has stopped meal delivery service as of January 21, 2023. After Freshly was acquired by Nestle at 950 million dollars in October 2020, Nestle decided to shut down the Freshly meal delivery in early 2023.

eating healthy meals with freshly
So many delicious meals to choose from, which one should I eat today?

Freshly, similar to Trifecta is designed to make eating healthy simple. With a wide range of flavors and meal options, Freshly combines the taste that we all crave with the nutritional value that we need. All meals are chef-inspired and designed to be consumed by one person, at one sitting with very little work involved – just heat and eat! Get $175 off the first 7 boxes with the link below!

When comparing Freshly to Trifecta, you’ll notice that the meals on Freshly’s menu are much more adventurous. There are more flavors and ingredients, which can help keep your tastebuds happy. Freshly focuses less on providing meals that help fuel your performance in the gym and more on meals that are going to allow you to eat the dishes that you love, but in a healthier way. 

Freshly’s meals feel like your favorite classic dishes, think breaded chicken and mac and cheese, but with a healthier spin that makes them more nutritious and less calorically dense. So if you’re someone who craved homestyle cooking but wants to rein in your eating habits so that you can maintain your weight and health, you’re going to love the options on Freshly’s menu. If it’s homestyle cooking you desire, Freshly is the best option for you.

It’s important to note that there are currently no vegan or vegetarian options, so if that’s your lifestyle, you won’t find what you’re looking for here. However, they do have their FreshlyFit line which was designed to cater to athletes and fitness enthusiasts, similar to the way Trifecta and Factor_ do, so if that’s the type of food you’re looking for, you can find that within their meal options.

nutrition for athletes freshly box delivered affordable cost

How Much Does Freshly Cost?

Freshly’s meal delivery options are very affordable, ranging from $8.49 to $11.49 per meal, depending on the size of the box you order. Like most meal delivery companies, the more you buy, the more you save, so it’s always beneficial to go for the largest box with 12 meals if possible.

Speaking of boxes Freshly offers four different box sizes to choose from; 4, 6, 10, or 12 meals per box, depending on your needs. Each meal is made to be consumed by a single person in a single sitting, usually for either lunch or dinner. It’s important to keep in mind that Freshly does charge for shipping, so that will be added to your total when you go to check out.

Is Factor_ Worth It?

loving my factor_ meal box
So in love (don't judge, you would be too!)

Factor_ is one of the most comprehensive meal delivery services available. This plan is specifically geared toward those who are looking to improve their health, fitness, and nutrition. No matter what your goals or your lifestyle preferences are, there’s likely a plan for you – even us plant-based folks!

One thing that sticks out to me about Factor Meals is the fact that they are very in tune and up-to-date on what’s going on in the world. They cater to the various needs of all kinds of people. With plans dedicated to athletes, remote workers, weight lifters, students, parents, and more, it’s clear that Factor_ wants to make eating healthy easy, convenient, and delicious, too.

All Factor_ meals are delivered fresh, never frozen, and have been made from scratch by real chefs who use only the freshest ingredients. Similar to Trifecta and Freshly, all that’s left for you to do is heat your meals and enjoy – which can really make the expense worth it for those who are short on time, which who isn’t these days?

Every dish is healthy and nutrient-dense, however, the team manages to make them unique and satisfying, too. One of the biggest pitfalls of dieting or working on specific health goals can be the redundancy and blandness of the foods, however, this is not at all the case with Factor Meals! So if it’s the macro-friendly and tasty that you want, then Factor_ is a better option for you.

me with my factor_ meals which are worth the price

How Much Does Factor_ Cost?

Factor_ costs between $11.00-$15.00 per meal, depending on how many meals per week you decide to order. Just like Freshly and Trifecta, the more Factor Meals you buy, the less expensive your bill will be.

Factor_ customers can choose from boxes that contain anywhere from 4 meals per week to 18 meals per week, catering to the specific and unique needs of individual customers. Additionally, Factior_ offers free shipping on every order, which can help to offset the slightly higher cost per meal when compared to Trifecta and Freshly.

Which Healthy Meal Delivery Service Is Right For You? Trifecta Vs. Freshly Vs. Factor_

As I was researching healthy meal delivery services that would help boost my results in the gym, I was excited to see that I had a lot of options. However, the top three brands that I kept seeing over and over again were Freshly, Factor_ , and Trifecta. Upon closer inspection, I realized that they were all very similar, but definitely not the same.

Trifecta is the best option for those who are serious about getting in shape and tracking their macros. It’s simple, basic foods, but since they are chef-prepared, they are still delicious and exciting to eat. The inclusion of plant-based options (vegan, vegetarian) excites me as I am a strict vegan who believes that all chosen lifestyles should be accepted and catered to.

fit woman in shape using trifecta meals

In fact, that’s the only bone I have to pick with Freshly; there are no vegan options. I did see that the brand is looking to expand its offers in the future, so fingers crossed that they add some yummy plant-based options to their menu as I’d be happy to try it based on their current menu which looks delicious. If you’re looking for great taste and meals that feel like comfort foods but without all the guild, then Freshly will be your go-to. Get $175 off the first 7 boxes with the link below!

Last but not least, Factor_ is the plan you’ll want to choose if you’re serious about your performance both inside and outside of the gym. Of course, you don’t have to be an athlete or even work out to enjoy the meals, however, their meals are most definitely geared toward that crowd. I love that you can get macro-balanced meals that prioritize protein (even if you’re vegan!). 

Regardless of which option you choose, you can count on receiving fresh, ready-to-eat meals that are going to help you reach your goals and fuel your performance. Let our team know which option you choose, we love to hear your feedback! Cheers to healthy, performance-based meals that are legit!

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